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If your smile is in need of restorative dental care, you can depend on our Bel Air dentist office for the most aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results of care. At Bel Air Dental Associates LLC, our experienced dentist uses the latest dental technology, techniques and restorative materials to provide patients with the highest quality services. Dr. Papaeracleous has over 25 years of experience in all areas of dentistry and makes a comprehensive range of services available, from routine checkups and emergency treatment, to the finest quality custom crowns, bridgework, partial and full dentures.

In the event of tooth decay or trauma causing structural damage to a tooth, restorative treatment is typically required to rebuild its form and function. At our Bel Air dentist office, we offer the most durable and cosmetically appealing restorative solutions for your teeth spanning from dental bonding, tooth colored fillings, custom dental crowns, and much more. Our tooth colored restorative materials are fabricated from the highest quality composite resins and can be used for dental bonding to cosmetically change the size, color or shape of teeth with seamless results as well as to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay or injury. If, on the other hand, your tooth requires a full coverage dental crown to restore its function and appearance, we can also customize a crown to the exact aesthetic and functional requirements most suited to your natural smile. In instances where a tooth has been lost, but sturdy neighboring teeth remain, a dental bridge can be used to restore teeth to the edentulous area, and prevent healthy teeth from shifting out of alignment. Dr. Papaeracleous is highly skilled in restorative care and equipped to bring out the very best in your smile, whatever your unique circumstances may be.

At Bel Air Dental Associates LLC, it’s our business to make you smile! To learn more about sweeping range of restorative and cosmetic services we have to offer you and your loved ones, contact our friendly office staff today!

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